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We have all had that inclination, you are prepared to leave the workplace, you snatch your jacket, you go to your Ricoh printer and there is only a squinting light… Now what?!

On the off chance that your Ricoh Printer isn’t printing, there are 10 basic reasons why with basic arrangements:

Verify that the power line is safely connected to the divider outlet and printer. Turn on the power and check the status of your printing work.

Online Indicator: In the event that the online pointer does not state on, press the [Online] key to actuate it.

Red Alert Light : On the off chance that the red ready marker is staying and additionally blazing red there is a mistake with the machine. Check for a mistake message on the Ricoh printer’s dashboard and make the expected move to amend the issue.

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Twofold check the paper plate to guarantee that paper is still there, on the off chance that it is unfilled load paper into the paper attempt or onto the sidestep plate.

Print Configuration : On the off chance that you are as yet experiencing difficulty with your printer, endeavor to print a design page. On the off chance that an arrangement page can’t be printed, this means that a glitch in your Ricoh printer. Contact your administration agent.

Interface Cable :  Verify that your interface link is safely associated with the printer and your PC. Search for a clasp to help with security. Additionally ensure that you are utilizing the right interface link; contingent upon your PC, there are distinctive interface links that are good with the Ricoh framework. Make sure that you are utilizing the correct one and that the link isn’t harmed or worn. All port association settings ought to be checked for precision.

Information In : Search for a flickering or lit “information in” marker on the printer subsequent to sending your archives to print. On the off chance that this light isn’t lit or squinting, the information isn’t being sent to the PC. This could mean there is an impedance with your system association (contact your manager to address) or the interface link (allude to number 6).

Remote LAN Signal Strength : Search for deterrents that could be influencing the flag quality when utilizing the remote LAN and take a stab at moving to an area where the flag is great. Check the remote LAN motion from the [Maintenance] menu on the control board.

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Bluetooth: On the off chance that you are utilizing Bluetooth the flag quality could be influenced. Attempt the accompanying:

Guarantee the Bluetooth interface unit is introduced legitimately;

Check for impediments between the PC, printer, and different gadgets;

Change the area of the PC;

Furthermore, change the area of the printer.

Final Resort: In the event that your Ricoh printer will at present not print in the wake of attempting the over 9 regular stops reasons for printer issues, contact your printer administrations delegate. In the event that you don’t have a printer rep, take a stab at counseling a printer supply store for tips or conceivable alternatives for your printing issue.

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